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Nail Enhancements

We offer a wide range of different nail enhancements

 UV Soak Off Gel Polish

 UV Soak-off Nail Polish is ideal for clients who don´t want to have artificial nails, but a chip free Nail Polish that instantly dries, is durable and strengthens the natural nails. Alessandro International’s LAC SENSATION covers all these demands and is available in salon in 30 colours that match the Nail Polish range.

Nails filed, shaped and buffed, cuticle detailing, application of chosen Lac Sensation colour.

Duration 25 mins


Nail Extensions

For those clients who want to create instant shape and length we can offer advice on which product will be best for you to extend your own natural nails to a length that is suitable for you and your lifestyle.
All products used are of cosmetic quality and all our application methods are designed specifically to be gentle on your natural nails.

Duration 60 – 75 mins



Gel Polish Removal & Re-Application

We will soak off your gel polish, and then your nails will be pampered and prepped before a new  colour is applied.

Duration 40 mins


Extension In-Fill

As your nails grow you’ll need to have the growth area in-filled to prevent your nails becoming top heavy and breaking.

Duration 45- 60 mins



Gel Polish Removal Service

We will soak off your gel, nails filed, shaped and buffed, a NAIL!SPA treatment base coat applied and finished with your choice of colour.

Duration 20 mins


Extension Removal

Complete enhancement removal of all types of nail systems and re-conditioning of your natural nails. Includes a MINI HAND!SPA treatment.

Duration approx. 30 minutes (dependant on product)



Natural Nail Overlays

For clients who have already got some length and wish to protect your nails as they grow help prevent breaks and nail polish lasts longer!

Duration 60 minutes





Please note an additional charge of £3 is added for French Polish finish.




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